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How Office Interior Design Evolved By Time

Nowadays, office interior designs differ far beyond the old-fashioned desk work patterns. Their working order and methods are changing and evolving to address today’s conditions and the younger generation. Office workers living in cities; On weekdays, they spend 85-90% of their time in closed areas. Most of this time is spent in the work areas. Therefore, the design and principles of office interior design are places that affect our daily life and human psychology.

Office interior design projects in which old admissions were destroyed and reshaped in line with new technologies and working styles; Encourages employees to act and activity, and enables different departmental groups to meet and exchange ideas within the office. It also makes it possible to create individual workspaces that require concentration. One of the current trends that includes these definitions is the “Agile Office” concept. This concept consists of arrangements and contents that outline the employees’ flexible usage areas and target the productivity of the people. The “International Workspace Group” has received the results of a research published by the organization and 15.000 people; reveals that flexible work spaces increase productivity in the office by 85%. Accordingly, the use of technology in offices; regulations that encourage employees to the activity; furniture that allows different and flexible uses; Main topics such as landscape arrangements that contribute to clean air production are the basic concepts that form the concept of “Agile Office”.

Another study by the University of Oxford reveals that people make more creative and more accurate decisions when they are not under pressure and feel mentally comfortable. The acoustic problems of open office planning; visual intensity and complexity creates distractions and creates negative conditions. In new and contemporary office interior design, it is extremely important to create individual and common areas where employees can rest their minds. In this way, short-term breaks from mental differentiation and work tempo will trigger creative thoughts and contribute to more accurate decisions.

Based on the disadvantages created by open offices; In new and modern office interior designs, the work areas are smaller spaces that can be divided according to flexible use. These spaces, which contain different designs and arrangements, separate the interior ambiance as well as the furniture and allow different department employees to come together. In this way, working areas are created that especially meet the expectations of the Z generation. In addition, thanks to options such as the use of technology in the offices, cloud platforms, wi-fi access and mobile devices, non-working social facilities such as cafes, multi-purpose halls, game rooms in the offices turn into a working area for the Z generation. These places are not escape from work, to rest their mind and be more productive.

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