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The Essence of Design Entrepreneurship and Change

All professionals can start their own businesses and become entrepreneurs… However, the “entrepreneurship” of design is different from that of all professionals… It also bears the burden of the “investor” initiative. It also evaluates the target audience needs for the investor, targets innovation in the product and process, and designs a flexible and aesthetic structure that will keep up with all the abstract and concrete external environmental conditions for the next 40-50 years. Not only does architectural design, it designs a life with other engineering and technological disciplines, leads the design team in all disciplines, opens vision.

Environment; turns it into a better living space for the living.

While roughly listing the steps of the design adventure; if we don’t put the title; who can distinguish whether this method is for “building” or “business model”?

“Corporate strategy planning experts” who realized this way of designing the designer developed a new discourse. “Design Oriented Thinking”… To understand and make use of these tools of designers.

Sustainable growth is the biggest problem of architectural offices… Especially considering that they provide “services” in the construction sector, which is most affected by the crises, it is not difficult to estimate the variability.

The vision, strengths and potential of each architectural office are different. So there is no specific list of recommendations; but the architect has a great power; If he develops his own business model methodically and regularly, he protects his building as if he designed it and looks like a pupil. It achieves sustainable success and continues to change lives towards beauty with beautiful designs.

By raising their heads occasionally from intensive project work; this time for their institutions:

  • Constantly changing
  • Macroeconomic conditions
  • Competitors and other sectoral forces
  • Evolving technology and trends
  • Customer expectations and new customer potentials evaluate and
  • Customer segments and potentials
  • Product variety and new product capacities
  • Ways of doing business
  • Profitability trends

They should find new solutions or new business models that will review the client’s preference.

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