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3 Revolutionary Office Interior Design Ideas

Think about how creative the offices of brands that are the creators of the best ideas can be! These brands, which we all know closely, have quite crazy and creative office designs. If you are designing your own office, we are sure that you will find a lot of inspiration in these office examples.

Wouldn’t you like your employees to come to office and work more efficiently? Then create environments where they can work with pleasure and get motivation. Nobody wants to work for hours, under the cold white flora, between the concrete walls. Remember, creative offices are required for creative work! If you are an employee, you will have plenty of sighs while looking at these employee friendly offices, you will dream of working in beautiful and cool offices like these! With their airy open-plan office designs, creative work spaces, comfortable office furniture, social facilities and fun recreation areas, these offices make it a pleasure to go to work. When employees are happy, such creative works emerge. So, do you wonder how all these creative works that are part of our lives come out of the offices? Here are some well-known brands and their unique office designs…

1. Airbnb Headquarters, San Francisco

By making it possible to stay somewhere else than the hotel, Airbnb has revolutionized our travels. The company offers a popular online environment that allows people to find and book homes where they can stay around the world. This company, which looks more like a home than the office with its meeting rooms and work areas, has an office design that reflects the service it provides. In every part of the office, different home styles are used from all over the world. The most striking part, the atrium, is multi-purpose arranged as a kitchen, dining room and relaxation area. The most popular designs in the office are a boat house from Norway, a kitchen from Iceland, and work and recreation areas built by the founders’ own apartments in San Francisco. In addition, Cairo and Mumbai-themed cafes, a loft from Shanghai, living rooms from Rio de Janeiro, and a Mexican cabin are other interesting areas in the office, which staff use to snack and relax.

Location: San Francisco, California

Completion date: 2017

Size: 15.800 m²

Design: WRNS Studio, IDF Studio

Architecture: WRNS Studio, Gensler Construction: Novo Construction

Photos: Mark Mahaney, Emily Hagopian, Jasper Sanidad

2. Nike NYC Office

Inside the Nike NYC office, there are graphics, pictures, illustrations, colors and typographies designed inspired by the best New York sports moments and Nike athletes. The 150,000 square meter area includes free offices, food and beverage areas, a library, two terraces, a fitness studio and a large indoor basketball court. One of the prominent features of the brand’s 90-meter-long famous logo on the roof of the brand, visible from the Empire State Building. The entrance of the building is designed as a tunnel that makes employees feel like an athlete entering the stadium. The basketball court, which hosts local league and high school team matches, is also open to employees to serve the community. Decorative features include the iconic basketball mosaic behind the Michael Jordan-themed coffee bar, and black and white tiles by New York artist Micah Belamarich depicting Nike’s sports history and athletes. A wooden staircase leading up to the third floor continues up to the tribune-style seating areas. There is also a truck in the office that delivers food to employees as in matches.

Location: New York

Completion date: 2017

Size: 150.000 m²

Design: STUDIOS Architecture, WSDIA | weshoulddoıtall

Photos: FLOTO + Warner

3. Amazon Corporate Headquarters, Seattle

Amazon, an online retailer, has designed rainforest-like offices in Seattle headquarters to create a new space for its employees. The so-called spheres consist of three interconnected glass domes. The building, which was designed by the NBBJ architecture office, was opened for use in 2018. The building resembles a greenhouse, unlike a typical office. Three glass spheres are built of 620 tons of steel. The structure consists of an open plan indoor area that hosts 400 plant species and around 40,000 plants. Instead of closed conference rooms or tables, employees go to extraordinary meeting rooms called ‘tree houses’ via their chairs and walkways. These interesting spheres are open to the public throughout the year. However, it is only allowed to enter the visitor center on the garden floor.

Location: Seattle, US

Completion date: 2018

Size: 306.600 m²

Design: NBBJ

Photos: Amazon

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