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Let your house tell you!

You are getting married and you are laying a new house that will tell you about your spouse, you and your common life. How beautiful! So why not let your home decoration tell you? Check out the decorating ideas we’ve compiled for you and be inspired by what you think is closest to you! Here are some examples of the most fashionable home decorations…

Traditional Homes

Traditional houses with lines reflecting the culture dating from the Ottoman times to the present, have home décor where natural colors come to the fore and are enriched with fabrics such as silk, satin and velvet, and character and plain furniture are mostly preferred, and the pattern is used in details such as wallpaper and carpet.

Scandinavian Style Houses

The Scandinavian style, adapted from the chalets style of Northern Europe to modern urban houses, reflects spacious, bright and naturally reflected spaces. In these houses, where white color is highly preferred in the background, it is remarkable to use small and functional furniture. Although free choices are made in color, pastel colors in nature are generally preferred. Natural materials such as wood are preferred in the articles.

Far East Style Houses

Covering a wide geography, the Far East is generally reflected in the decoration style with traces of Chinese and Japanese culture. With its order based on moving the inner world of people and its chosen colors, Far East style loves the combination of black, white and red colors. Objects belonging to traditional Far Eastern art and philosophy have an important place as much as furniture in the spaces.

Neo-Classic Houses

Neo-classical houses that feel like you are living in an art museum, neoclassicism, which reflects the conscious repetition of traditional Roman style today, prefers simpler and geometric lines instead of excessive ornamentation. The use of intense colors such as burgundy and purple is common in this style. Although it may seem a little gloomy, it allows you to get a truly mysterious and caring place.

Romantic Houses

Romantic houses, including French Country style and vintage, use furniture with soft and curved lines, often in clear and pastel colors, but in an aged look. This style, which gives importance to the use of accessories, does not avoid using romantic elements such as frames, mirrors, lampshades, candles.

Bohemian Houses

One of the styles where the use of color is the most and freest, Bohemian requires the use of ethnic and authentic details. This style, in which shawl and rug patterns are preferred, can easily be blended with retro style.

Modern Townhouses

Modern city style, which is one of the primary preferences of fast and practical city people, emphasizes functionality and ergonomics in design. In these houses, where black and white are predominantly used, modern, post-modern and even futuristic details reflect the fast, variable and technological spirit of the city life.

You Chose Your Style, In Row Furniture!

Now you have a few ideas to frame your decoration style. But do you know what you need to do to put this style into practice? It’s simple, you immediately open Algedra, you choose the most appealing among hundreds of interior design and architectural projects. The furniture of your new home will be at your doorstep in a short time, and you only have to enjoy your new home.

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