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Three Simple Secrets of Happiness at Workplace

Nowadays, where talent retention is increasingly important, companies are trying many methods to have happy employees. According to the data released by HumanGroup, in the researches conducted at Harvard University, happy employees perform up to 70 percent more efficiently than unhappy employees. The company asked its followers the secrets of the happy workplace in their research on their social media accounts.

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In the posts made to the HumanGroup page, important factors that affect the happiness of the employees at work are listed. According to the results of the questionnaire, it was the most important condition of happiness, while being able to understand and work in harmony with colleagues and managers, work with fun and feel valuable in the workplace followed.

Happy feet!

Loving and doing excitement stands out as one of the most important conditions to be happy when trying to do business. Among the recipes of doing your job lovingly, it is important to get up when the alarm bell rings first, not to go back to work when going to work, not to constantly check the clock if there is an exit time at work, not to notice how time passes while working, to want to come back to work every day. Those who work only for money seem doomed to be unhappy. For many, it is impossible to be happy at work, the greatest happiness is the end of the day and the Friday.

The employer has a lot of roles

A fun work environment, to enjoy and laugh while working… It is listed as the most important requirements of being happy at work. The biggest task in creating a fun workplace falls on managers. The fact that managers realize their employees’ needs, empathize, and listen to them has a direct impact on employee happiness.

While employees describe happiness in the workplace, they talk about a lot of peace, appreciation, sense of belonging, harmony of values, fair management, and support. Employees are in search of companies that will help them realize their dreams. They need a career planning to integrate with their companies. A workplace that offers a sincere employee and employer relationship, gives its employees the feeling of being a family, takes the ideas of its employees and values ​​people, also fulfills the basic requirements of happiness.

“Love at work” makes you happy

Colleagues play a very important role in happiness at work. Most employees do not even think of leaving the workplace if they get along well with their colleagues at the workplace, get support from their friends, work harmoniously, or have fun together.

Having breakfast together before starting work in the morning, and coffee conversations with friends on breaks are the most happy moments of the employees at the workplace. In fact, some employees continue to work in the same workplace in order not to lose their friends even if they are not satisfied with their jobs and do not like their job. In this regard, it can even be said that friends are the first element for happiness in the workplace. Love at work is still a reason for happiness. Many employees cannot achieve happiness in the workplace because of their colleagues who cannot otherwise agree. Employees who experience “constant paranoia” cannot focus on their work and face unhappiness. Positive communication with the manager as well as friends is also of great importance for happiness in the workplace.

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