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Effective tips to increase the efficiency of employees while working from home

With the Covid-19 pandemic, which is spreading around the world, many companies switched from home to work system. This situation brought with it many difficulties. Employees who have trouble focusing on the field they work and managing time have started complaining about the inconvenience of not being able to track their jobs and obtaining the discipline provided by the office. Because there are many different things that home workers don’t have compared to others. For instance what?

Home office workers often have trouble focusing on work . Because they do not have alarms set up to go to work, or opportunities to be motivated by looking at other employees! So what else do home office workers have? Oooo, it doesn’t end with counting, but I’m still an experience. For instance; warm beds, comfortable armchairs that keep them from work , televisions that call “press my button” , maybe children who want to play games, maybe “come on, let’s eat now”, lovers…

It is true that the home office working method, which is considered “quite comfortable” from the office, there is more advantages of working from home.

Here are the tips that will increase the efficiency of home office employees:

Work Within Certain Hours, Not According to Your Desire!

I know that one of the most attractive advantages of home office work is having flexible working hours. Unfortunately, many people who work from home exaggerate flexibility and almost never work after a while. In order to avoid this big problem, you should set certain rules for yourself. In other words, you should start your business at a certain time every day, not at 10 am, and not at 12 am, and make it a habit. Of course, you will have small getaways in between . However , you should wipe out the thought of “whenever I want to work whenever I want” .

Putting your break times and working hours in a regular manner just like other people will increase your productivity and allow you to spend more time in your private life . Do not let yourself go because you do not have a manager standing at your head or working hours to fill. Make it a habit to be organized and behave principally about work. Maybe you may have some difficulty at first but you can be sure that you will see how things get easier when you do not give up and force yourself to start the same time every day.

Pay Attention to the Design of Your Workspace!

The first point that people who work from home should pay attention their workspaces. So is there a different room in your home that you use as an office, or are you using any of your rooms as an office at the same time? If you have a separate room in your home that you can use as an office, you are lucky. Of course, if you pay attention to the design of your office! So, how should you design your work area to be more efficient ? First of all, you should make sure that the table you use is not too small or too big. A monochromatic table that will not take an eye and create a mixed look. If there is no space to put extra cupboards in your room, you should choose your table from the ones with useful partitions. You should also have a comfortable work chair. Even though I said comfortable, do not bring a seat that will bring you so soft, sleep!

On the other hand, you can place small objects on your desk that will increase your desire to make money. E.g; The pictures of your loved ones can be inspirational words or small notes by famous personalities . You can use other things in your decoration to make your office more fun. But you should not exaggerate the work and make your office look like a neighborhood market. For example; You can hang a small cork board right across your desk , you can decorate it with important notes, words, pictures that will strengthen your motivation. If you are working in a small room, you can install it on your walls from both stylish and useful shelves. In addition, you must make sure that your desk place it in the correct position. You should open the windows in your room frequently or operate the ventilation system. The more fresh air gets in, the more alive your mind will be.

Of course, these are what you should pay attention to if you have a separate room. If you do not have a separate room in your home that you can turn into an office, you should decide which room is most suitable for you. So I don’t think anyone would want to work in the bedroom. If you are going to use a part of the room as your work area, this will usually be the living room . And what you need to pay attention to here is somehow isolating yourself from the space, even if you are in the living room. You should never turn the direction of your desk towards the TV. Or if you have a house with a view that can distract you, you should not look towards the glass side. After all, you can prepare yourself a very good working environment by taking into account what I said above.

Pay Attention To The Colors You Use!

The colors you will use in your home office will also significantly affect your productivity. Therefore, you should pay special attention to your choice of colors when decorating your work area . You should be careful that the colors you will use in your office are simple and unobtrusive tones. But of course this means turn your room into a hospital room. E.g; your wall paint may be in light pastel tones. You can choose your table in beige or brown tones that are also compatible with the wall color.

However, you can use your accessories such as pen pens and small office items on your desk in shades of red and blue. Because red and blue are said to increase one’s productivity. In addition, you can consider to include green in your decoration . Because, according to Feng Shui, the method of activating energies, which is an ancient Chinese doctrine, is the symbol of development and determination . In addition, green is said to give calmness and calmness to the person. By paying attention to these main points, you can color your office as if it were left by a professional.

Avoid Distractions!

Do you feel uncomfortable with your upstairs neighbors’ little children or the construction sounds coming from outside? Because for some, white noise increases efficiency, while in others it causes focusing problems. If you don’t like noise, you can consider getting the noise-canceling headphones or creating your own noise. E.g; You can listen to this kind of thing by doing a little research on music that will increase efficiency. Or if you can, you can motivate with the songs of a favorite artist, give yourself a better job.

Use Green!

Maybe you don’t have a home office among the trees that looks out over the lush plains. Yes, I wish I agree but there are things you can do to avoid longing for green until you get an office like this. E.g; What? First of all, while determining which room of your house you will use as an office , try to choose the most airy or greenest section as an office . If necessary, replace your large living room with a smaller room overlooking the tree and use it here. After all, you will spend most of the day here, right?

Yes, what you need to do next is to include a few small plants on your desk and in other parts of the room. You might even consider buying these tiny shrubs , which have been quite popular recently . Because the researches show that people with flowers or other plant species are more productive. We know that another benefit of plants is to take air-to-air cabondioxide and give oxygen to the outside. However, it is not limited to this. According to scientific researches, plants absorb many toxic substances other than carbon dioxide and clean the air in their environment.

The flowers or ornamental plants that you can understand not only increase your productivity. It also plays a protective role against chemical volatile substances commonly used in decoration materials in the home and office. I would also like to remind you that little cute cacti absorb radiation emitted from computers and phones. As you can see, the benefits are obvious. For this reason, you should make your office green as soon as possible.

Dress Up

You don’t have to have your beard getting tangled or sit at your desk with your pajamas, because you’re working at home, right? If you are doing so, you should look for the answer to why you couldn’t work right here. Because if you go to work as you get out of bed, you cannot fully adapt to work psychology. Besides, sitting with your pajamas all day makes you feel bad physically. After all, you are not sick! You only work at home office. Ultimately wander around the house all day in pajamas with lazy, lethargic and ugly that cause you to feel inevitableis a situation. In order to prevent this, you should be prepared as much as you can get into human, even if it is not going to work. You should shave, comb your hair, maybe make a light make-up, and wear something other than pajamas, even if it’s a tracksuit. You will see, you will feel better and focus on the job more easily.

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